Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We have a child!

      Several weekends ago Karen and I were asked to facilitate and staff the Ignite 2016 conference in Wildwood, New Jersey by Compassion. Expenses paid we were looking forward to a nice weekend away (at the beach) doing what we love (getting children sponsored). It was a rainy weekend but we still had fun. Sponsorships were going well and then Sunday came......
      This couple came up to our table and had decided over the weekend that wanted to sponsor a child. They had lots of questions that were easily answered and then they made our day. This was both of theirs second marriages. Their children from other marriages were grown and gone. They were not able to have a child of their own at this point but wanted to have a child together. They decided to choose a generic child packet. This is one without a specific child profile but rather an indicated country and then you pick boy or girl. They did not even want to do that. They wanted to leave everything up to God. Just as if they were having their own child they wanted Him to choose the sex and everything else. Both were actually crying that they were going to have their own "child" to call theirs. I gave both of them the premium for the event ( the t-shirt) and they ran to the bathroom to put it on. I grabbed them as they came out and asked for a picture. You can just see the joy and excitement that they had. I wish I could be there when they get their child packet. Three plus lives changed and this is just the beginning. I love that I get to do this and experience moments like this.
      Interestingly enough, after a weekend of rain, the sun started to come out and shine. I take this as one of those special moments where God is really pleased with His church. <><

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