Sunday, June 26, 2016

~One More Time~

Here we fly somewhere between Philadelphia and Miami.  For the fifth time we are on our way to Honduras to see our Compassion sponsored children. It has been 16 years since we first sponsored, 9 years since our first visit and 3 years since our last visit. A lot has happened during that period.
-       We added a second child on our first visit. After that we would add 5 more with Compassion as financial sponsors and 2 as correspondent sponsors.
-       We involved ourselves in Compassion’s ministry as advocates and volunteer leadership.
-       We would have our first child graduate from the project, another leave the program and one leave to move to the United States.
-       Our love for missions would grow and we would visit Mexico and Romania. Romania would become a focus of our hearts. We would return their 2 more times, start sponsoring 4 children there and renew our wedding vows in Ciumeghiu.
-       God, understanding my heart, would partner me with Remember the Children to develop their child sponsorship program in a part-time position.

     It has been an amazing time and sponsorship has been such a part of our lives ministry wise. Our lives changed nine years ago with that first visit and we are excited to be able to return. We are going down to celebrate the Quinceanera for one of our children and to visit the other 4 children we sponsor there. It is going to be a quick but fun trip. Two of the children we have never met before and are looking forward to that connection. We still connect with Linda (our first sponsored child) outside of Compassion. Several months ago she told us that she was engaged. We are truly hoping to get together with her and her fianc√© for lunch. She was our “game changer” and we have written her a letter to let her know how important she was to us. Sponsorship truly changes two lives and she did change ours. None of the above would have happened with meeting her~ now we return one more time.
Please keep us in prayer. We know we are blessed.

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