Friday, December 5, 2014

God's Plans ~ Not Ours

      I am writing this on the bus as we head to Budapest, Hungary having spent a week in Romania with an amazing team. This was my second trip back there for the Christmas season. Our church partners with Remember the Children to bring hope to those that have none. Our specific purpose is to give out shoe boxes (Boxes of Hope) to orphans that are packed with essentials and fun items. It is their Christmas gift. Last year was so encouraging that I had to do it again but this time with my wife.

     In my previous post I had mentioned how there were some issues with the container and getting it over to Romania. This has never happened before with RTC to this extent. As of the end of our week it had not yet shown up at the drop point. It has made it to port but has not yet been delivered. So we had no boxes. Our team was perhaps a little disappointed but regardless we had the opportunity to do something even more incredible.  We had the chance to experience what God had planned from the very beginning without any reservations. If we had any covenant as a team it was to be flexible and to do what God wanted us to do. Our work would be for Him and His glory.

     The most amazing thing we did was to serve in the community of Ciumeghiu with Pastor David and his wife Geta.  I will devote a specific post to that outreach story within the next few days. However for now it is enough to say that God showed up big time and what David had prayed for was exceeded. We truly were the hands and feet of Christ. I think we were more blessed than the church there.

     The second part of the week we moved to Satu Mare. There we worked and visited with orphans. To just be able to give a hug and play with them was more than enough. A Box of Hope would have been nice but I believe we poured more into the children by not having those boxes. I will again post more to that story in another post.

     As we head back home we do so with hearts filled to the brim. I am sure our hearts would have been filled either way but without those boxes we were blessed beyond our expectations. We got to experience more than originally planned and we got to do God’s work more than we thought we would. We certainly learned that when God is allowed to work His plan through us then we can make an awesome difference.