Friday, November 28, 2014

Impact Romania 2014 (GO-BE-LOVE)

     Today is the day! The day that I have been looking forward to most of this year. Actually since I returned from the trip last year. Today I begin the journey back to Romania to serve the "least of these". I am blessed to be able to go back. I had my trip fully funded by some amazing sponsors. I get to have my wife along this year and I am going with an awesome team of twelve others. We are going over to bring hope to children without hope, to encourage pastors and to be the hands and feet of Jesus. One of my Facebook friends had the bracelet above and I found it so appropriate to what we have been called to do.

     Last year we delivered Christmas shoe boxes to children and told the Christmas story. This year is turning out to be something different. I know that Satan has tried to derail us but at the same time I think God has an amazing plan that is just beginning to unfold. Let me give you some back story. Several months ago little hitches began to appear. Remember the Children ( the group our team is going with) was getting conflicting stories about what could be packed in the container ( and boxes) that would be shipped over to Romania. First no food in the shoe-boxes, then food was OK but no school supplies. Say what? Then Customs wanted every shoe-box inventoried. The red tape was ridiculous and clearly the work of the enemy. Next the container somehow missed the ship. Never has this happened before. Finally the container was on its way! It would get there later than usual but in time for our mission trip. This week we found out the container may not be there yet. No boxes or supplies. Again the work of the enemy. There are a total of three teams going over the next three weeks so eventually the children will get the boxes that have been made for them but they may not be delivered by us.

    However as I said God has something in mind. The Pastor that the next team would be visiting on Week 2 will be away. We have been asked to be flexible and head North to serve there for our week. This will be an emotional time as we will be seeing children in State run orphanages, children that truly have no hope. We will be stretching ourselves in order to be the "hands and feet". Truly I think this is something that we really were hoping to do and I think God has answered prayers. Perhaps the biggest think I am looking forward to is building a relationship in a community that we will be having a future partnership with. Last year we visited a church where there were over a hundred children cheering for us. Three years ago it was a dead church and now it is thriving and ministering to the gypsies. We will be worshiping there and doing ministry on both Sunday and Monday. We are going to be undertaking a major outreach to the village there.

     So things have changed. We are not sure how everything will unfold but I know it will be amazing. I encourage you to follow along on Facebook and check back here for updates. In the meantime I ask you to pray. Pray big time for our adventure as we "GO-BE-LOVE'!