Wednesday, March 12, 2014

One of Those Calls

   Every once in awhile you get "one of those calls"- Compassion lets you know that your child has left the program for one reason or another. I am expecting in a few months the final letter from our first sponsored child, Linda, as she graduates out of the program. That one will be a hard one as she is the one that started our adventure with Compassion. However we recently got a call that I never saw coming. Compassion called to let me know that Jeyelly had left the program and was now living with her boyfriend. I was literally floored. She was our second sponsored child that we literally had handpicked. We were on a Sponsor Tour on the day the the children were being photographed for their child packets. I picked her on the spot and we became her sponsors. We visited her three additional times and hosted her Quinceanera. We prayed and encouraged her. I know her family life was not the best as her parents did not live together. She was not encouraged to go to school ( she missed an entire year) and I know her mother was not as grounded in her faith as we had hoped. We offered what we could through the sponsorship and letters. I must admit that I was really not surprised but was shaken never the less. I mentioned it on Facebook and had lots of encouraging posts and comments. 

    The thing is you wonder if you really made a difference. I can only pray that she knows God, her family, and of course ourselves really do love her. We will stand by her no matter what. I would have loved to see here continue in the project and go to the University. However I know that God has a plan for her and always has had one. We were part of that initial plan and perhaps the seed planted will grow and thrive in her. We will write our final letter and encourage her not to stray too far from the path. We will probably cross paths again in a few years as we plan to return to Honduras to host her half sister's Quinceanera. I know Compassion's program works so I rest assured that no matter what God is still working in her life. It is hard to get a call like that but then again how often do our own children sometimes disappoint us with their choices or decisions? It really is no different. You just need to trust in God. Blessings <><