Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pre-Trip Thanksgiving

    Less than 24 hours until I and a team of eleven head to Romania. It has been an interesting two weeks preparing. I know the enemy is always lurking around and ready to pounce. I have had some doubts and concerns. I have had some health issues over the past two weeks. Even at work I seemed to have some issues. Things did not seem to be lining up the way I would want as I got ready for this journey. In reality I know it was just Satan trying to take my mind away from what needed to be done and forcing me to focus on things that should not matter. Now as I sit here and prepare for a Thanksgiving meal all has come in line just as God has planned. Everything is done. Everything is packed. Health is good. Even work turned out well as I began my vacation.
    On this Thanksgiving 2014 I have much to be thankful for. Family that is loving and supportive. Friends that have financially and prayerfully supported me. I have my health and many blessings. No matter what I know that I am being watched over and guided by my God. All I ask now is that as we journey to Romania keep us in prayer. Pray that His will be done. I know we are embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. To be able to hand a child a Christmas shoebox (packed with love) and to be able to share the true meaning of Christmas with others and within the team will be amazing. This is both my Thanksgiving and Christmas. <><

Monday, November 25, 2013

So I am just a little lucky!

     I do not know if it is good or bad- but I tend to win things. That is not to say that I spend money on lottery tickets or the mega millions. I just tend to enter things for free and sometimes get very lucky. Growing up I would be the one walking down the street and would find a dollar bill. I could check the coin return on a vending machine and find change. Such is my life. Our local newspaper (Sunpapers) has a reader reward system. If you are a subscriber you can enter contests to win movie passes, concert tickets and other stuff. I enter everything I can there (after all it is free) and we have won our share of tickets to movies and other cool stuff. If you don't enter you will not win is the way I figure it. To be honest I don't win more often than I do win in the scheme of things.          
  However I must say that in August I rolled the dice and came up pretty big.  My wife, daughter and I decided one afternoon to attend the Belair Bar-B-Que bash. Lots of vendors and of course good food. This was not my idea to go but my daughters. One of the vendors there was having a raffle for Raven's season tickets. Big spender that I am I bought three tickets for $5.00. This is their big fund raiser and had been running since April. I did not even give a second thought about winning. So that night my daughter headed back down to college. She had just left and I was getting ready for bed when the phone rang. My heart dropped as I thought she had just had an accident. No~instead it was the Raven's Roost informing me I had won the season tickets. I mean really now??? So pretty cool. I have a set of season tickets to watch the Baltimore Ravens this year. But it gets even better! I entered to win a dinner cruise on a boat called the Raven. This was hosted by the Sunpapers and we won a night out with a bunch of others. It was a great night out in the harbor and their was an fundraiser auction held on board. One of the fundraisers for the night was a 50-50 drawing. I bought an arms length of tickets for $20.00 but of course did not win the money. Instead I won a Ravens winter jacket valued at about $100.00.
          I must admit at this point I am a little embarrassed. I post things on Facebook and here I had won the dinner cruise and now I won a jacket. People just look at me and shake their heads. I did have someone even want to rub my head for good luck. LOL! In the great scheme of things maybe I am luckier than others but for right now I will just enjoy my season at the stadium. Next year it will be someone else turn.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Welcome Back!

    Where have I been? Seriously it has been almost four months since I have added anything to this journal. As I get older time seems to fly by without stopping. My last post was about fundraising for my mission trip to Romania. I am now only about 25 days away from leaving with the team. It has been way to long. I have tons of ideas. Inspirations, updates and just plain musings but every time I planned on sitting down and writing something else came along to prevent that from happening. 

    Well enough of that! It is time to get back to some basics and this journal will be part of that. I am making a conscious effort to post at least once or twice a week. In addition I am planning on spending some more time in my devotional reading in order to grow my Christian walk. I encourage you to hold me accountable. Karen and I attended an Experiencing God seminar several weekends ago and I found some great material to delve into there. Maybe down the road I can share some of that.

     I am going to close this out today with a Romania update. I will be writing from there at the end of this month. I am part of a team of ten from Fork Christian Church. We are partnering with with Remember The Children (see prior post) in order to bring Christmas shoe boxes and hope to the children in Oradea.  I actually was able to have my entire trip funded through sponsorships. I feel truly blessed as I had two very special donations come my way. One was from a couple at my church who also sponsor children through Compassion. They know my heart. The other was from someone who I only casually know through Facebook and had met on a Disney cruise. She went to my Go Fund Me page and made a substantial gift. I was blown away my her generosity but then that is how God works. I am thankful for all of my other sponsors who helped me out and made this trip possible. Our church also held a fundraiser at Texas Roadhouse which helped the entire team out. In fact Fork came through in several ways. We have probably close to 250 shoe boxes that are on their way over to Romania already. Along with those boxes are some winter coats that we bought for the children. During our summer Vacation Bible School the children at Fork raised over $900 in mission money that we put toward buying those coats. What a blessing!
    Please keep myself and the entire team in prayer this month as we begin our final preparations toward departure on November 29th. Keep in prayer also all of families that will be staying behind to take care of things there. Without their support either we would not be going. Take Care!