Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We interrupt this blog for a quick commercial !

See this picture? It caught my eye when I was looking for a good picture for my Romania trip. There was something about her smile that spoke of hope. You can see something in her eyes despite her surroundings. I fell in love with that picture and have adopted it. If you look on the right side of this page you can see an advertisement with her for my fundraising page. In an act of self promotion I am writing about that page and I take a moment to apologize for that. Those that know me realize that I would not  usually stoop to doing this. I am the last to seek attention and get embarrassed when people start praising or talking about the work I do. I actually got quite uncomfortable with some of the accolades that were being said about Karen and I at Jeyelly's Quinceanera in Honduras. We went there and did it because it was the right thing to do for her not because we were "special sponsors".

       Anyway what about the "gofundme" link? I have been invited to be part of a team that will be going to Romania this November 29th-December 7th with my church. A group of eleven of us will be partnering with Remember the Children to deliver Christmas shoeboxes for the poor and needy. This is a trip that is right up my alley. My calling to speak for the "least of these" as well as my love for children makes this the ideal mission trip. Originally my wife and I were planning on taking some time to go to Disney this season to see the decorations for the holiday. When this trip presented itself she knew it was something I had to do and she fully supported me. We can always do the Disney thing but how often (especially during the Christmas season) could I have the opportunity to hand a child a present, tell the Christmas story and bring hope? It will bring the meaning of Christmas a lot closer to my heart this year.

     Part of a mission trip is seeking both prayer and financial support. We are expected to raise a good portion of the $2100 that it will take for the trip. Asking for help is something I do not like to do. PERIOD. It is not part of my make-up. I do not mind asking for prayer and I hope that many will join us in praying for my team, the mission, the journey and the message we will bring to those children. In faith I paid my deposit and I have sent out over fifty letters to friends, co-workers and employers asking them to partner with me. I decided to try an online fundraising page to reach out to others that I may not closely know but may be willing to help in someway. Social media has changed the way we do things so I have set up this page. Some people cannot go on trips and wish to support others with a gift. If you feel led then please go to the site and donate whatever you are led to. I assure you that all of the funding will go directly to this trip. If by God's grace I exceed this goal or even the amount needed for the trip the remainder will go to help any of my teammates that may fall short of their goal. All of us have decided that any extras beyond that will be given to Remember the Children for their work in Romania.

      In conclusion I seek both your prayer and financial support. However you are led I thank you for any partnership. You can count on me blogging about my trip and the experience! Blessings.