Sunday, February 24, 2013

Honduras 2013 (Part 1)-The Planning Begins

     Those familiar with our story and journey with Compassion know it all began on a sponsor tour with Compassion International in 2007. This was a tour to learn about their ministry and to meet our sponsored child. We had been sponsoring for about 2.5 years and in meeting our child our focus and our lives changed. I do not really need to rehash that story but we fell in love with Compassion and Honduras. Yes, it is a third world country with all of the problems associated with poverty. Yet we found a people that embraced us and made us realize that we could make a difference. Since that time a day does not go by that we do not pray for the country and the friends we have made.

     We went back in 2009 on another sponsor tour. At this time we were sponsoring three children in Honduras and our friend list was increasing. Of course we had our sponsored children to pray for, their families, the Country staff of Compassion (amazing people) and the translators we had met. At this time I was getting more active on Facebook so it is neat to be able to connect with friends long after a trip and many miles away. That tour still encouraged us and brought us even deeper into our ministry. I was now an Area Coordinator (volunteer) for Compassion and we had an opportunity to see other sponsor's lives changed in the same way ours did two years prior.

      We returned again in 2011. This trip was different though. It was an individual trip to keep a promise I had made in 2007 to our first sponsored child Linda. She had asked me to be at her Quinceanera when she celebrated it in June. This is the celebration that marks a young lady's transition from childhood to womanhood. On a sponsor tour everything is planned and organized by Compassion. On an individual trip we would handling everything ourselves except for when we would actually be meeting with our children. Then we would have a Compassion host and translator with us.  We would be taking our children Courtney and Stephanie with us-sort of a family vacation in a different part of the world. We went for 6 days/5 nights and got to visit each of our sponsored children individually. At this point we were sponsoring 4 children in Honduras. Each day we got to gather with the families, attend the projects and have a fun filled day with each of them. The last day we went sightseeing and then that night hosted the Quinceanera for Linda. It was a promise kept and an experience I will never forget. We had our shares of "bumps" with lost luggage and trying to speak a language we really do not know. However the trip was a blessing and an encouragement. We made some special new friends with our hosts as well as being able to connect with one of our former translators.

     So we are now preparing for Honduras 2013. It is planned as an identical trip to our 2011 journey except it will just be Karen and myself. We are going back to see our children again. We still sponsor four and are a correspondent sponsor for another. Linda will be graduating from the program next year so this will probably be the last chance we get to see her. This is the girl that changed my life so it is going to be hard when it is time to say goodbye. We are also going to be hosting another Quinceanera but this time for Jeyelly. We have booked the flights and hotel and at this point are waiting as the countdown begins. We had a minor bump in that the itinerary I originally planned had jumped in price. We were able to make some adjustments and get back to what we had originally budgeted. We are 111 days out from the trip and now are seeking prayers. Our request has been sent to Compassion for what we would like to do. Please pray for approval and that everything will be coordinated well. Pray for our preparations and planning. We are looking forward to this trip and invite you to be prayer partners with us and to follow along with us on this blog. Blessings!