Thursday, January 10, 2013


I was driving home this evening and this song came on the radio. Never mind that I have heard it many times before or let alone the fact that it is by one of my favorite groups (Mercy Me). Their song "Here with Me" became my life-song when I was in the Dominican in 2005. So tonight as I left work this song began playing and I was totally captured in the moment. I could not even tell you the group as I was almost in tears listening to the words. Take a moment and listen to it. Listen to the words very carefully and I mean truly let them speak to your heart.
Their are so many times that we are hurt or feel inadequate. We feel lost, and sometimes feel we cannot go on. But we need to remember that we were made for a purpose. We are His. He claimed us as His long before we even existed. That is what is so cool. No matter what we have done. No matter what we think. WE ARE HIS!!!!  "We are treasured and we are sacred in His eyes". I love those words. I love the fact that He is so madly in love with us that he was willing to die for us. We are Beautiful!!!!!
So I have no idea why this impacted me so tonight. I had no intention of blogging this evening. However I guess God spoke to me and there is someone out there that needs to hear these words. I  have been called to publish this and share on to Twitter and Facebook. I know right now it is something I needed to hear. I know that I am also going to share the words in my next letters to my Compassion children. I certainly know they need to hear it over and over. I am actually going to change my profile photo on Facebook to the heart. I think for awhile I need to mediate on this.
God Bless....and yes we are all beautiful in His Eyes. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

! 2013 !

Well this blog is approaching it's fourth birthday. I originally started it right before our second trip to Honduras. I had recently become an Area Coordinator for Compassion and wanted this blog to chronicle my passion and my journey. We have had over 5000 views and I have written over 145 posts so far. In the blogger world that is really insignificant. I have changed the layout and also the focus as this has progressed through the years. Occasionally I ignore it and then in other times I go on writing spurts. I guess that is just the way I roll. As we enter in 2013 I am looking forward to pouring more of myself into this blog. I will always continue to share Compassion~God has given me this ministry and focus. I will also continue to chronicle various aspects of my life and the direction I am headed in. At the beginning of every year we look forward with hope and anticipation to what is coming. I do not know what this year will bring but I invite you to follow along in this adventure. On the horizon I will be going to Nashville in February for a Compassion Conference. All of the Volunteer Coordinators will be meeting to "ReNew". Also we are looking to return to Honduras (for the fourth time) in June to visit our kids again. Please keep this in prayer. Blessings <><