Monday, October 1, 2012

Not really the end.....

Yesterday marked the end of our special month of Blogging for Compassion. I must admit that I had a blast writing for each of the assignments. They stretched me and encouraged me to move deeper in my advocacy. I am not a professional blogger; rather I serve the ministry through coordinating volunteers for events. I keep this blog going as a testimony to something that is important me. There are people like Michelle, that truly take their advocacy to the next level by showing children available for sponsorship, offering letter writing ideas and lots of other information. These are the blogging hero's in my eyes. That is why I originally suggested in my first post not to sponsor through my blog but to go to her page if you want to sponsor a child. The top blogger prize is actually a Compassion trip into the field. I hope that Michelle is in the running for it. I think she had somewhere over fifty sponsorships from her blog. That alone is amazing. However I must say that everyone came through. Whether you blogged every single day, or on a weekly basis or even maybe just a post everyone made a difference. The goal was 3,108 children sponsored and at the close of the month 3,159 children had been sponsored through this event. That means there are now 6, 318 changed lives. Both a sponsor and a child are now beginning an incredible journey. This is not really the end of a special month but rather the beginning of lives being changed. That is why I love Compassion and this ministry. Blessings!

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