Thursday, August 30, 2012

    You all know my passion is Compassion. You know I blog all about Compassion (and sometimes other stuff)! To me social media is one of the best tools to get the word out about my ministry and to see children sponsored. I recently became a Compassion Blogger and will sometimes write blogs on assignments that I am given. To me that is a perfect fit~the opportunity to write about something I love. There is a large list of bloggers (advocates, sponsors and just regular bloggers with a heart for Compassion) that participate in this type of endeavor.
    Well September has been declared Blog Month at Compassion. All the participating bloggers will be writing about assigned topics and encouraging others to sponsor children. There are incentives for us to do this BUT the best part is the goal. It is hoped that through this medium over 3,108 children will be sponsored between Sept 1st and 30th. How cool is that? That is over 310 children each day impacted based on what we write. The challenge is out there. If you are interested in being a Compassion blogger than please visit here. If you are interested in reading some of the blogs and some of the thoughts then please visit this page and follow along.
    Finally if you are interested in sponsoring a child I encourage you to do so by going through the links that will be published on the blogs. You see the blogger that brings in the most amount of sponsorships will win a trip with Compassion to one of the countries that Compassion works in. I have travelled several times with Compassion on these trips and they are life changing. While I do not expect to win I wish that anyone who is considering sponsoring through my site instead go to this site and sponsor through Michelle. She is an awesome advocate and a fantastic blogger! I know she would be blessed by a trip like this! So happy reading, blogging and sponsoring!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

DCFest~Those little God Moments

     Yesterday we worked DCFest for Compassion International. It is an all day Christian Music festival that was held at the Patriot Center to benefit Compassion. As a volunteer coordinator it was one of the events that I worked on staffing and both Karen and I enjoyed being able to work the event. Some of the bands were Sanctus Real, Third Day, Mercy Me and others. Bob Lentz (who is an awesome speaker) would be giving the message. We were just excited to be able to hear these artists and of course encourage child sponsorship. However there were at least three little "God moments" that I really wanted to share.

      The first was just one of those little things. We had a lady come up to the table looking for a child with a certain birthdate. Searching in a database or online it can usually be found. However at a concert with only so many available packets the odds are not going to be in favor of nailing that. We grabbed a pack of packets from a box. The one on top had the birthdate she was looking for. Score 1 for God providing.

      The second was just kind of cool for Karen and I. We recently became a correspondant sponsor for a girl in Honduras. She has a sponsor that is paying for her to attend the project but for some reason does not want to write. We know the importance of writing and having a relationship with the child so we have agreed to do this. We began this about a month ago after our recent Compassion retreat. We have written our first letter. Anyway Tim was one of the Compassion employees there to help facilitate things with Bob Lentz and his speaking. Tim saw we sponsored kids in Honduras and mentioned he would be going to Honduras next week if we wanted to send anything with him. Well it was kind of last minute to do anything like that~especially since we were on site at a festival. Suddenly it dawned on us that we could throw something together for Kellyn ( our correspondant child). We got a cloth backpack from one of the college exhibitors, we bought a Christian t-shirt from a vendor and Karen had some hair scrunchies with her. We were able to write a letter (and get it translated- see next story) and put together a nice little gift for Tim to take. Score another for God providing!

    The final God moment was just one of those things I had wished would happen and it did. Two of the people that signed up to work a table were Paul and Maria Diamond. They were going to be working the late shift. I was blessed to have met them officially at the retreat mentioned above. They are both advocates like myself. However there is a little backstory. Maria is a former sponsored child who went through the program in Peru. She then worked for Compassion "in country" as a translator for Compassion for tours. Paul visited several times to see his sponsor child and met Maria as a translator. Well God is awesome, they started a long distance relationship and got married about ten months ago and now live in Maryland. She has an awesome story and they both believe in Compassion's mission. She will be training in October with Compassion to share her story at events like this. Anyway I was talking to Tim and told him that Maria would be translating my letter that I would be sending with him. I told him about her story and then things began rolling. Turns out that within Compassion he works with these people to facilitate their speaking engagements. He will be working with Maria! He then asked if she would mind speaking for a few moments to the crowd with Bob Lentz. She agreed and it was such a God moment. Bob is a great speaker with awesome messages but what could be better than to close out a message with a former sponsored child that is now volunteering at one of the tables.  Several weeks ago I had joked with Karen (when Paul and Maria signed up) that she should share with the crowd her story. I take no credit for that "little prayer"~God had it planned and He hit a home-run with that one!!!!

It was just an great day watching God at work!!!!  Oh and at last count we had over 60 children sponsored. <><

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blogging for a Purpose

     I started this little blog back in 2009 as I got ready to travel to Honduras on my second sponsor tour with Compassion. At that point I had been an advocate with Compassion for two years and was serving as an Area Coordinator. I wanted a platform for my passion. I started out heavy and then in 2010 I slowed down to about three postings a month. Sadly in 2011 I slowed down even more to about two posts a month. Time seemed to get away from me with daughters in college and a new job that was demanding more of my time. My passion had not waned but my availability to sit down and write never seemed to be there. Last year I decided to broaden the scope of my blog and recently have rebooted the overall appearance. I have made a commitment to make this blog more of a priority.
     I am also part of a group of like minded bloggers who write a majority of the time about Compassion. I am a Compassion Blogger. My ministry is Compassion. Those that know me understand my passion. I can be found placing displays, working events, and speaking up for "the least of these". Jesus told us to do this but I also do it because I have seen the difference we can make. I have met my sponsored children and seen the difference Compassion is making in their lives. I have spoken to young adults who have been through the program and have heard their testimony. We are making a difference in their lives. Therefore I have found my purpose and my "soapbox".
     So what can you do? I encourage you speak out for the children in poverty. Do you blog? Even if your blog is not as focused as mine you still may want to join the ranks of the Compassion bloggers. I encourage you to check out their website here. I believe in making ripples. Just as when you throw a stone into a pond and ripples begin to spread out I hope that perhaps a few of you may begin to also cast some stones out and see what happens. The more we speak the more things begin to change. Both in ourselves and in others. I have chosen to blog for a purpose in hopes that lives can be changed. Keep me in prayer in this adventure.