Sunday, July 29, 2012

Change the Story: The Compassion Experience

Change the Story: The Compassion Experience

As a Compassion advocate I have been hearing for a long time about this new type of ministry for Compassion. This is a travelling exhibit that takes you into the life of a child. It actually takes two tractor trailers to create the entire experience. It will be touring across the United States over the next few months. Word has it that it will be part of the Newsboys tour next Spring. I encourage you to follow the link above to the initial Compassion blog about this and then check out some further links to see if it will be near you. You won't want to miss it!

Impact Mexico~Final Thoughts

It has been a little over a month since our return from Mexico. I wanted to allow some time to return to the norm before I posted. I needed that time to process all that we had experienced and to key in on those things that I felt were well worth remembering. Do not get me wrong-there is nothing worth forgetting but I wanted to share those things that were most important to me. So here are my top five:

1) I was blessed to serve with a group of eleven amazing people. All gifted differently we worked together, laughed together and became a family. I am especially blessed to have been able to go on this trip with my wife and to experience this together.
2) The sights and sounds of Mexico! We experienced Mexico City, Texcoco, and Puebla. Each was different and unique and each brings a special memory. The marketplace was fun, the subway was interesting (to say the least) but my most favorite memory was seeing an active volcano. Of course that was followed up by our day at Las Estacas. A natural water park it was incredible to see some of the beauty God had made. It was beautiful and a great way to close out our trip
3) The pyramids- I have included this in a separate section rather than above. It was amazing to go and see them. I know I was impacted by this attraction. Just seeing the work that went into the building of this and then realizing that the conquistadors went in and just decimated the natives really bothered me. I did not fully climb to the top but sat about 1/3 of the way up and just reflected on this. For some reason it just really hit home.
4) VBS and God showing up: I was in charge of planning out VBS. If you know me I had every "I" dotted and "t" crossed. However as much as I had this planned God took and unplanned it. The first night we were 90 minutes late due to a traffic jam. (Will try to forget a bus trying to push our van out of the way and into oncoming traffic-I am convinced Angels were there fighting off Satan). The next two nights were rainy. However it was awesome to see God show up in so many ways. The smiles of the children just made it worth it to be there. The biggest God moment was the last night when we had a monsoon. One family opened their apartment to us and allowed us to minister there. Besides trying to preach over a pouring rain the best memory is that family. They were not part of the church there but helped us out of love. Karen gave them a crocheted heart pillow that we had brought for the first night but never got to use. God apparently had a reason for us to really bring it to Mexico.
5) Our  friends and new family: Adrian and Lula who are the missionaries in Texcoco who hosted us. They opened their home to us and hosted us beyond expectations. Adrian brought levity to every situation and Lula has a servants heart. Jason and Tracy Schroeder- who just moved down there from the states. They had just arrived there about two days before us to serve with Southern Mexico Missions. I am sure our arrival was not easy but they worked with us and served with us. They will be in our prayers now. As I write this they have found a home and are settling in. Finally Rudy and his wife Julia. They are the evangelists in Puebla that we worked with. They ( and the church) opened their hearts to us. I have never felt more welcome anywhere. We were they to serve them yet I can't help feeling they served us more. The one thing I want to remember is their giving hearts. One of the girls in our group commented on Julia's jewelry and how pretty it was. Julia took it off and gave it away. Then later that night they stopped by our hotel and gave us little tokens. They do not have much of an income  but wanted to give us something. The picture on this post is "Rudy"- a little stuffed dog that now sits on my car. It helps me to remember that no matter what we have so much to give for His kingdom. All of these people are my new family who I will always keep in prayer.

In closing this out I do miss my time in Mexico. It was an awesome trip and will always be a special memory. I do want to leave with some "inside comments" that are also special memories- this are really team related and I do not expect anyone else to understand. However as a team we will always remember " that photography guy", the strange little museum, rabbits, Double "D" and a host of other things that made us a family!!!