Friday, May 4, 2012

Compassion Bloggers are Heading to Tanzania

     Compassion Bloggers are Heading to Tanzania and you are invited to join the trip. Compassion often has trips to countries that it works in for bloggers to engage in and understand the ministry. Shaun Groves, a Christian musician often leads these trips and serves as a facilitator. His story alone is incredible in that he first went on one of this trips and discovered poverty first hand. As a result he made a conscious decision to give up his materialism and now lives simply. Often speaking and performing for free in order to spread  Compassion's message he is an ideal spokesperson. From May 6-11 a group of bloggers will be heading to Tanzania with him to blog about their journey. Follow their blogs on the link above and you will also be engaged in this experience.
    Having been on two Sponsor Tours with Compassion I know how eye-opening and wonderful these trips can be. Often by opening your eyes your heart opens also. Believe me it changed my life and ministry.
God Bless!