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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How Long Would You Want to Wait?

Allow me to tell you a story. In 2007 I had the opportunity to travel with Compassion to Honduras to meet my sponsored child. In a "God Moment" on one of the tour days we went to visit a child development center. It was there that I met Jeyelly who would become my second sponsored child. It just so happened that was the day that children were being registered for the program and having their pictures taken for the child packets. I had been playing ball with Jeyelly all morning and it was not a hard decision to sponsor her right then and there. She had a sponsor in just a matter of hours. I don't think she really understood what had happened but I know her mother was overcome with joy. It was a unique opportunity to connect like that right then and there. 

     Children are chosen by the local church for the program based on need. Upon registration they receive educational opportunities, health care, nutrition and life-skills training.  One to one sponsorship is the core of Compassion's program.  I can tell you that the child benefits from the program but the real impact is the relationship that the child gets from hearing from their sponsors. The day that they find out who their sponsor is a special day, even more special is the day that they get that first letter. Building that relationship is what truly releases that child from poverty. There is no better investment of $38/month. 

      However, sadly, there are some children that wait and wait and wait.   Right now on the Compassion website there are over 560 children that have been waiting over six months or longer. If you have ever considered sponsorship I encourage you to go here and take a look. You can choose by country, age, or sex. These are children that are looking for the love of a sponsor. Imagine being that child and just waiting to hear that there is someone that picked you special. We know how it feels to be left out or picked last. Six months or longer can seem like forever. 
This is so important that Compassion is even offering a free scrapbook if you sponsor one of these children. They have asked some of us advocates to spread the word and to try and make a difference for these children. Perhaps now is the time for you. 

    In all honesty it does not take much to get me to write a post like this. Compassion is my ministry and my calling. However I will state that their is a little contest going on among the bloggers. The top three blogs that drive the most traffic to this site will have an opportunity to win a gift certificate to the Compassion Store. If you would like to help me win then click and go to the site. However I would rather be blessed by hearing you sponsored one of these children. That will make the big difference. 

Blessings <><

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Do you Believe?

A friend of mine, another Compassion Advocate, sent this to me- well worth sharing!! Do you believe....will you make a difference?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fan or Follower

     My church just completed a six week study based on Kyle Idelman's book called "Not a Fan". Basically the book challenges us to consider what it really means when you say you are a Christian. A fan is an enthusiastic admirer while a follower is sold out. Fans want to be part of the group but not at a cost. Followers are willing to take up their cross  and surrender their lives to Christ. Fans will have the outward signs of knowing Jesus but true followers will have their hearts bound to Him. 

     I must admit this was a difficult study that I am still struggling through. Oh I have finished it and enjoyed every minute. However I am still trying to decide where I truly am on this scale. It is a decision that truly impacts my eternity. One of Jesus' parables is the story of the sheep and goats. He tells how at the end they are divided into two groups. The sheep are welcomed and the goats are not. Some of the goats question their place. Jesus reply is simply " I did not know you". 
We easily put the bumper sticker on our car, we faithfully go to church, and we serve. Yet are we truly committed to following? Jesus wants us all in. That is our lives, our thoughts, and our actions are 100% in accord with him and his teachings. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! As Kyle states: "No reserves, No retreats and No regrets. We either follow or we stand on the sideline and cheer as fans would do. 

      I know I am not just a fan but I also know that I am not a total follower. I was convicted in this study by realizing that their are certainly little compartments within my life that I tend to hide from Jesus. I am not totally free in my heart to live for him. I need to take those compartments that I hold tightly on to and give them freely to Him. Please pray for me as I walk this journey and grow in my faith. This I humbly ask of you. I also encourage you to get a copy of the book. It is an easy read but an important message.  God Bless!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Minute to Win It!

Proverbs 12:18 [Message] states "Harsh language cuts and maims but there is healing in the words of the wise".

    This is a pretty powerful statement when you think about it. Our words and actions can make a big difference in the life of a child. We have the capacity to easily build up or tear down a child in a matter of moments. Our environment shapes us but within that environment the things that a child hears or experiences will be the factors that can change their world.

I can remember a negative instance in elementary school. It was in the fourth grade and my teacher probably never should have been a teacher. In one moment of frustration she actually called me stupid when I did not understand a math concept. That one moment hurt. I think my dislike and avoidance of any math course resulted from that one instance. Then on the other hand I can tell you of a positive action that probably made me a Christian. I was not really raised in a church family. My grandparents made sure I went to Sunday school. In was probably in my middle school years when I went to a Presbyterian church. My Sunday school teacher there was the Pastor's wife. I cannot really remember a lot about the classes or what we did. All I do remember was being the only student having perfect attendance and she taking me to a college football game. It was just me and her. I do not remember there even being a contest or reward. However I know she took me to Towson State one Saturday afternoon and I felt very important. Because of her investment in me I took Sunday school as something more important.

     Wess Stafford, President and CEO of Compassion International, has written a new book called "Just A Minute". In the book he tells 68 different stories that will inspire you to bless and make a difference in a child's life. I encourage you to watch this Video and hear his words. I love the fact that he says "when God places a child in front of you it is a divine appointment". In that minute you have the opportunity to make a difference and an impact.  Having travelled with Compassion to Honduras I have seen children in the project that had hope and those that did not. I have seen the children outside the walls looking in. Perhaps the one thing that has stood out the most is having sponsored children ask me to tell their sponsor to write. They crave that encouragement and need to hear those special words.

      Life is made up of moments. I encourage you to read Wess's book. I encourage you to look at how you can make a difference when you cross a path with a child. In the Kingdom of God we are called to be like children. Let your words and actions reflect Jesus. As the title of this post says we really have only a minute to win it. Lets do it right.