Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time to Dream

We just got off the Disney Dream after a nice week on board. We actually did back to back cruises. We did a four day and then a three day. Thanks to the Disney Vacation Club and our points it is rather easy to do this. Considering outside costs of airfare, parking, dog care, etc it makes more sense to stay a week then to do a short term cruise. Also with our points it is more affordable. We actually ended up booking another cruise for December of 2012 on the Disney Fantasy. The Fantasy is currently under construction and will launch in March of 2012. It will be the sister ship to the Dream just as the Wonder and Magic are sister ships.
The one thing I love about Disney is they know how to do it right. Every little touch is important and as always the Guest is always number one. We took an artistic tour of the ship and it was so neat to see how little elements go into storytelling. Case in point is the rugs throughout the ship. They are actually color coded based on your location in the ship. Thematic elements of one area flow into another so there really is no rude interruption to your senses. Disney ships are designed to be classic in appearance and in all elements of a guest's experience. They are so not the floating milk containers that many other cruise ships are.
   The one cool thing about the trip was seeing the transformation of the ship (within an hour) from no decorations to Holiday decor. Between  the two cruises we had to clear customs so we went off the ship for about an hour. In that time a team from the parks transformed the ship. As we were getting off the ship the beginning touches were starting. Shortly after we got back on it was done. Total Disney magic. We did not know it was going to happen and it made the second half of the cruise just a little more special. I posted many pictures on my Facebook page but leave you with this special one of the Christmas tree in the atrium.