Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Later...

.... I sit here reflecting back on the past ten years. That one day in September changed so many things. I am really not sure that even now it has truly sunk in how that one morning forever changed us. I was teaching pre-school then and watched in horror at the initial news report. I had just gotten my white chocolate mocha and reported to work when the news reports began. I watched in horror as a second plane went into the other tower. Then I watched as the towers went down. I think of all of the images that is the one that disturbs me the most. First it seems so inconceivable that a structure like that could just disintegrate. Second I can not imagine what it must have been like being trapped there and to realize that everything was about to end. Even as a Christian with hope I cannot imagine what I would have been thinking.

    I think we learned how fragile life really is. Things can change at any moment. I think we also realized how important relationships are. I saw heroes that day- there in New York, in Washington and on a plane in the air above Pennsylvania. We changed in so many ways. The way we react in certain situations, the way we travel, the things we no longer take for granted are all changed. Things have changed for both better and worse. I am sure that we all could spend hours documenting the changes and how we have been impacted.

    Personally ten years ago I was starting out in a new marriage. I had two children that were not even ten years old and are now in college. The home we now live in is smaller and in a different location. I have a totally different job. The amazing thing is that ten years ago I did not even know what Compassion International was. Those that know me realize how important Compassion is in my life. It is truly the one thing that defines me and the one thing that my wife and I truly embrace together as a mission. I would like to think that perhaps the impact of what I had seen on 9/11 and how we reacted to it softened my heart a little to prepare me for my ministry.

  It is my prayer that today, a decade later, we take a moment to pray for those that were lost, those that were left behind and those that struggled to make a difference in those following hours and days. I pray that we realize how fragile life can be and that we do not ever take others for granted. We can be a light in the darkness. I pray that you make relationships count...things can change in a minute....Blessings. <><