Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reflections on Jorge

Our sponsored Jorge is a wild man! That is all I can say. Our favorite saying from the time we first saw his child packet (and boy was he pitiful looking) is "He's soooo cute". When we met him back in 2009 he was all over the water park. I mean all over the park! He is all boy and does not slow down. We were a little surprised when we met his this time. He was a little quiet and shy to warm up. However once he did he was a blessing. He was so excited to show us his chickens. He literally just ran after his rooster and caught it. He was so proud of us he took us to his public school as show and tell. He wanted us to meet his classmates and teacher. We were thrilled to hear that he is a good student and works hard. Looking at his report cards and evaluations he is right at the top of his class. We are so proud! For our fun day we went to an interactive child museum. Good Choice! He had a blast and we all had a ton of fun. We used to think of our daughter Stephanie (far right in picture) as a boy-she was a tomboy growing up. She bonded with him right from the start. Outside of the child museum they had several races and they were totally two of a kind.
It was rough seeing their home and neighborhood. It is in a very unsafe urban area. They are close to the project but really after dark it is not safe. Their home is basically one room tacked onto the back of a family members home. Everything is crammed in and a family of five live in a space no bigger than my family room. Elsy, Jorge's mom, is having some health issues. She was having a biopsy the week after we were there so we   keep her in prayer. Her one son also was in the hospital with a blood disease. He is not a Compassion child so expenses are tough for them in that situation. Please keep them all in prayer. We look forward to going back in two years and seeing how he has grown.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jeyelly and Sofia- Reflections on Sisters

We got to visit Jeyelly and Sofia on our second visitation day. I actually had been at this project in 2007. It was one of the projects on our tour that year. Interestingly enough God had ordained that we be there on that day. You see it was child registration day and the children were having their pictures taken for those child packets. I had been tossing a football around all morning with this cute little girl. I found out later she was registering at the project and quickly became her sponsor. Karen and Jeyelly's mom spent the day at the water park talking. Her mom shared quite a lot with us that we kept in prayer . I have not met Sofia until this trip. In January 2009 Jeyelly wrote to us that her sister was now in the project. Again another God moment. She could be assigned to any of Compassion's international partners. Pulling some strings I found out she was in the United States system but her packet was assigned out to Compassion Sunday events. If she did not get a sponsor by the end of May I could sponsor her. When we went back to Honduras in 2009 I debated about having her come to the visitation day but did not want to Compassion to have that cost for something that might not happen. Two weeks later we became her sponsors and I knew I would meet her this year on our visit.
 We arrived at the project in the midst of chaos. There was a medical mission team going on at the project and the streets were packed. Seems that this project is very well used. We did have a surprise as we ran into a friend from our previous two trips with Compassion. Abraham used to be on the Compassion staff but had left to pursue his ministry ambitions. He was there helping the medical team with translation. Pretty cool to run into him and get to say hello.  We spent most of the morning at the girl's home. They had moved from where they lived before and their home was very sad. Located at the top of a hill ( you actually have to climb a winding stone/dirt stairway) it is literally tacked on to the back of another house. There is one bedroom separated from the main room/kitchen area. You could look through the floorboards and see the ground down below. They had decorated it nice though. The two sisters took the time showing Courtney and Stephanie all our letters and pictures. I know Jeyelly bonded with Steph and Courtney bonded with Sofia. For fun we went to to this arcade type place in the mall that had games and rides. We also took along their younger sister to join us. Turns out she is also in the project and is sponsored by someone else.
 We are covering the family with prayer. Their living conditions are certainly not the best especially in bad weather. Their father seems to be living elsewhere. Marleny, their mom, seems not to be in the best place right now faith wise. She does have a job now at the supermarket but I know that staff at the project are mentoring her to keep her involved and rooted in her faith. We would have liked to have spent more time with them. The day went by so quickly. We will return, God willing, in 2013 to attend Jeyelly's Quinceanera. In the meantime we will be writing and praying faithfully.