Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tribute to Haiti~ Our Way ( With a push from God)

It will be one year tomorrow that a devastating earthquake shook Haiti and brought about devastation that we can only begin to imagine. I can remember sitting home last year watching everything unfold. If you search the archives of this blog from January last year you can see where I was posting links from Compassion regarding events that were going on. I worked a Youth Event this time last year and the kids raised $350 for Haiti relief. It was a horrible time for a country already ravished by poverty. I think the one thing that affected me most was hearing that one of Compassion's employees was missing in the rubble of the Hotel Montana. Dan Woolley along with David Hanes (photographer) had gone to Haiti to produce a documentary about Compassion's Child Survial Program. They had just returned to the hotel when the earthquake struck. Dan was buried but was rescued. David sadly was killed. I had just met Dan in November of 2009 at a Compassion conference. Dan's incredible story and testimony is told in his book "Unshaken" which I have been reading. If you go to Compassion's blog there are some excellent articles this week regarding the anniversary of the earthquake. With all of this in my head Haiti has been on my heart for the past week. In reading Dan's book I can only begin to imagine the nightmare the entire scenario must have been. Compassion just this week began releasing child packets again for Haiti. All of this has been weighing on my heart. Call it a nudge from God. 

Those that know Karen and I know that all of our sponsored children are from Honduras. We made a decision several years ago to focus on that country and that is where our heart was. Fast forward to today. Compassion, in several forms, encouraged potential sponsors to select a child from Haiti. Karen and I talked about this. Could we afford another? Did we want to change our focus and sponsor a child from Haiti?  God was now pushing but we needed something to confirm our decision.  I had said we could give this sponsorship as a gift to each other for our ten year anniversary next month. I partially said it in jest...but lo and behold...one of the children on the page was born on 2/10-OUR ANNIVERSARY. Case closed- God wins. 

So we now have our 5th child and this one is a girl from Haiti. Her name is Chris-flaure Faudoas and she will turn 5 on our 10 year anniversary which means she was born on our 5th anniversary. Talk about signs!!!!  We do this in honor of Dan, in memory of David and in celebration of our anniversary. God is Good!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Compassion Street Team

Compassion has this really cool thing going right now. It is called the Compassion Street Team. Its purpose is to spread the word and get the message out there! Basically you can sign up and then complete certain "orders" in order to earn points/rewards. It is fun and obviously serves several purposes. One: We get to be creative and challenged. Two: We publish certain things to our network which spreads the message. Three: Compassion's ministry gets further exposure and we are active in that work. One of the recent tasks was to create a movie. I must admit that this is my first attempt and it is very rough. In fact I had a hard time figuring out how to upload it. The finish process is above...no sound....not award winning...but it was fun and might lead me to create other things to further my ministry. Enjoy...feel free to comment but be nice. ;)