Sunday, September 19, 2010

Newsboys Rocking Out!

Friday Sept 17th.....Bridgeway Community Church-The Newsboys!

One of my favorite bands is The Newsboys. I had heard a lot of their music over the years but really discovered them in early 2009. I listened to almost every one of their albums and they became one of my major playlists on my Ipod. I watched their DVD recorded in Houston on their "GO" tour. They were one band I really wanted to see in person. I admit I was a little shocked when Peter Furler left the band before I got a chance to see him perform. I believe he brought a lot of the "soul" to the band and had hoped to see him live. Adding Michael Tait (formally of DC Talk) would prove to be an interesting mix. Their new album "Born Again" came out in July and I quickly added it to my music. It is very much a "Tait" influenced album but still very much the Newsboys. There are some great sub-texts to the words when you listen that can describe both being a Christian as well as the evolution of the band.

I got a chance to see the new version last Friday and I must say I was totally blown away and loved every minute of the concert. I heard comments that they were not as good without Peter and I heard comments that they were even better. They played a mix of old, new, and favorites. I don't think they have lost anything and may have gained a whole new audience with the addition of Michael. The thing is that there are always going to be changes...when the Newsboys originally started Peter was the drummer and later became the lead singer. Jody Davis was with the band for awhile and then left. There will always be an evolution. Interestingly enough the title of their new album pretty well describes this edition of the band. They rocked the house and I loved being a fan!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Football 2010

Well here it is Monday night, Sept 13th! It is almost kick-off time. All of the opening weeks games have been played save for two. For those of us in Baltimore it has been a long time coming but tonight the Raven's season really begins. It is interesting...there has been so much hype for this year. Flacco is in his 3rd season and keeps getting stronger. The offense has been upgraded to the point that you just can't believe it can get any better. Defense is again a strength and Ray Lewis just won't quit. This is a year that offers so much promise. The Ravens are the only thing anyone has been talking it was a sea of purple everywhere. The general feeling is that anything less than the Super Bowl will be a disaster. I certainly know there are much more important things than a football game but you know what.......tonight and for the next 17 weeks I will be cheering and rooting. That is just part of the fun! It will be fun at the end of this season to log back at this post and see what happened. In the meantime: "Go Ravens!"

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Well I must admit that I have let this site sort of just flounder over the past few months. I started it in May 2009 for the purpose of blogging about my ministry with Compassion. Sharing Compassion was meant to share my thoughts and passions about child sponsorship with those that may not fully understand the importance of Compassion's work. I stayed true to the course but then in October of last year I hit a wall. It was not so much about Compassion but I got laid off from my job. I must admit that in this economy I was rocked. It certainly was not easy finding something new. In fact it took over 4 months. I did get a part time job for the holidays but the hours were not a lot. Then in February I started my new job in Customer Service/Inside Sales for a local company. Since that time I have been so busy that when I get home I tend to just crash. As a result this site has just kind of been there. But no more! Welcome to Reboot 1.0!
Fall has always represented a new start for me. It is my favorite season and a time for change. This year represents perhaps the biggest change in my life and a major reboot for me. My daughter is now in her freshman year of college and away at College Park. We are not a complete empty nest as my step-daughter is still around and in her Senior year in high school. However it is a different feeling here on weekends now. We used to hit yard sales, fairs, or just hang on Saturdays and of course church on Sundays. It is very different and is going to take some getting used to.
I have decided to change the focus of this blog a little. It is still going to be about sharing Compassion but I plan on sharing more about other things also. Compassion is and will always be a major part of my life but I think it will be good to blog about "other stuffs". The companion blog which included pictures will now be a part of this one. So welcome to my reboot. As life changes so do we. I hope you enjoy the journey and follow along.