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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Becoming a Fan.....

Dan Wooley is a fellow Compassion friend. I actually met Dan at our Advocate's conference in October as he led a workshop on social media. Imagine finding out someone you knew was buried in the hotel rubble and all you could do is pray for him, his family and those who were travelling with him. It brought the devastation even closer to home. It was amazing the connections that were made during those days as we prayed and followed Facebook and news reports. Dan was saved and his story is a testimony of faith, technology, and answered prayer. Sadly, the photographer David Hames, who was with him was not as lucky. My prayers continue for his family as they deal with this reality. Dan is working on a book and I encourage you to become a fan of his page on Facebook. God is certainly at work in this process and I hope you will lift his writing in message and in prayer. Just click on the title above to be taken to his page. God Bless! <><