Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Christmas 2009......Today is a day when we spend time with family and friends. We eat scrumptious meals and we open presents. I am sure we all remember the anticipation of this day....running down the stairs to see the gifts that were left. This Christmas season has been a little bit off kilter as it seems a lot has gone on to take our focus away from where it should be. I got laid off in October, Karen's mom had emergency surgery two weeks ago, we have had a furnace go up and unexpected car expenses. My job at Best Buy is fun but not a lot of hours. However each of those events has had a hidden blessing behind them. My lay off has enabled me to accomplish a lot around the house that really needed to be done. Problems with the furnace were easily handled as I was at home. The car repairs occurred when I had Karen's car...I was local and the problem was easily resolved. ( OK so the new furnace and car starter expenses we could have done without). Karen's mom is now home and healthier just in time for Christmas. I may not have had a lot of hours at Best Buy but I had a great discount which will make this Christmas a little better for all. These thoughts brought me to two things I wanted to discuss....
1) Even when things seem so bleak and frustrating we have so much. I am still blessed to have a great family, a home and food on the table. How can I begin to complain when I look at others and they have so little. In visiting Honduras I saw poverty first hand but did not really hear complaints.....only gratitude. Here something goes wrong and I begin to grumble. My focus needs to be where my heart is. Today I know that there are 3 families in Honduras that are praying for me and are thankful for my sponsorship. They may not have presents to open like my kids do but I think that they are happy and joyful. Today my prayer for them is that they might know that we love them and wish them the best Christmas ever. We also co-sponsor an LDP student with a group of others and a CSP~I pray that today they begin to understand the true meaning of Christmas.
2) Which brings me to my second point. Christmas is about the greatest gift we could ever recieve. God came in the flesh to redeem us and to save us. He came wrapped as a baby in order to enter into our world. His gift to us is so simple....if we accept it we are truly saved for all of eternity. John 3:16 makes it ever so clear. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that who so ever believes in Him shall not perish but will have eternal life. Of all the gifts today will you take the time to unwrap the one that matters the most????
Blessings and Merry Christmas!