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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What is up with the enemy?

Wow- I have not posted for almost 3 weeks. Is this anyway to run a blog? I apologize. As you know I have been laid off for about a month and have been focused on trying to get things together and stay focused on finding a job. We are fine financially as my job really just needs to pay for groceries and odds & ends. We still have so much when others have so little. I think this is God's way of making me rely more on him and to really see the big picture.
The funny thing was my biggest concern when I got laid off was how it would impact my ministry with Compassion. I was able to work events and take time off with out any big problem. This will probably change with a new job. I am also fortunate in that I did get some seasonal employment with Best Buy in sales~ I enjoy retail so it should be a blast and maybe lead to something permanent. ( I covet your prayers for that over the next two months!)
Anyway enough about me....lets talk about the enemy. I am sure that Compassion must be doing something big and annoying to Satan right about now. ( See my next post for something that I am sure is really bugging him) Before my lay off I knew of two friends and fellow advocates (Steve and Glenn) that have been unemployed for over a year. No matter what though they have stayed focused on the ministry. One of my Facebook friends (Janet) and a fellow AC has been unemployed and frustrated at every job interview. Just when it seems a job is close it falls apart. Yet she stays focused. Recently another Area Coordinator (Amber) lost her job- she is strong in her faith and knows God will provide. I am blessed to know God is in control but must admit that last night I got totally frustrated. This weekend I have an AC retreat in Philly ~ it is an event that I have looked forward to but from the day of the layoff I had a feeling something would happen. Satan did not fail me. Last night I found out I had to attend a special training on Saturday and cannot get out of it. If I want the job I have to be there. Totally bummed out...why won't Satan just leave me alone for a little??? Anyway I will go to the retreat Friday night, come home for the sales training and then head back. I will miss a lot of the meeting but will still have the fellowship and encouragement.
So there are a lot of us in leadership roles right now that are under attack. Keep us in prayer but above all I think we know that God is in control and will provide. We are focused on the goal and no matter what is up with Satan we will not be deterred.