Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mountains & Valleys (Part 3)

So we left the conference on Sunday. The morning session was awesome with Tony Beltran speaking and validating our ministry. Tony is from the Dominican and is a former sponsored child and is now in graduate work at Moody. Everything he spoke about showed how important this ministry was. Before leaving we got to visit Cathy Taggart. She lives in Colorado and works for Compassion. She was one of the co-leaders on our original trip to Honduras in 2007. She came to the resort for breakfast and we were able to catch some time with her before grabbing the shuttle to come home. A whirlwind tour but a mountain top experience.
Well on the other side of every mountain is a valley. I found that out for sure within 5 days of returning home. On Friday at the end of the work week I was laid off due to the economy. I blogged about this on a friends site so I will not really repeat myself. I will say that the enemy loves to do this. When I went to the Dominican in 2005 on a short term mission trip and returned home I found myself without a job in less than a month. Amazing the game that Satan loves to play. Last time it took about two months but a Christian brother offered me a job and I was content there until now. So the job hunting begins in earnest. I know He has something better planned for me. My worst fear when I was told was how this would impact my ministry. I have had great hours in order to promote Compassion. Anything new could switch this up. However God is faithful and I know he is in control. I had a presentation last weekend and the entire church prayed for me ( and I had 1 sponsorship), I have a Jeremy Camp concert this weekend and a Compassion Sunday event that several of my advocates have planned and I assisting with. Next week Karen and I will be going to work the Michael W Smith concert in Salisbury. I may be down but am not defeated.....the ministry will continue. I have my own church and many prayer partners lifting my situation to The Father. It will turn out- in the meantime keep me in your prayers. Not just for the job situation but that I will be even more effective in my ministry.
Thanks and Blessings!!! <><

Monday, October 12, 2009

At the Foot of the Mountain (Pt 2)

The conference got underway on Friday night. We had a great initial session with worship and of course our keynote speaker Wess Stafford. Wess showed via video his presentation at Willow's Leadership Summit. He shared how his abuse and torment as a child led to his effectiveness in the ministry. He spoke and challenged us on how we could leverage our pasts to be better advocates. Not many dry eyes when he was done speaking. What an incredible man! Afterwards we attended a dessert social for previous advocate/sponsor tours. A great group from our Honduras tour in May attended the conference and we had an awesome time of fellowship with them. It was great seeing them all again. Speaking of fellowship it is incredible to connect with so many Christians that share the same passion. This was like a taste of heaven. __________________________________________________ Saturday was a day of meetings and breakout sessions. Each keynote session had some great speakers and worship. I attended a great coaching workshop which presented many ideas to make me more effective as an Area Coordinator. The meals were incredible. (Buffet!) and I must admit to eating too much. Saturday night after the last speaker we had a Worship concert. I did not attend as after a full day of meetings and jet lag I was beat. Karen went and totally enjoyed it. On a closing note to this entry I will just close with the fact that it was great seeing so many people and making new friendships. There were quite a few people that I only casually knew or had connected with via Facebook- it was great meeting them in person!!! Also some of the Compassion Staff I finally got to meet in person rather than through email- it was great..... ________ Part 3 coming..... <><

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Colorado Springs- National Advocate Conference (Pt 1)

As you are aware last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Compassion's National Advocate Conference in Colorado Springs. It was a great time of fellowship, worship and learning. I will spend the next several posts blogging about some of the sights and events. We arrived on Thursday around mid-day and got settled in. We actually went a day early so we would not feel as rushed. The conference was held at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort ( see my other blog for some great shots of the surroundings)- this was an upscale resort right at the base of the Rockies. It was so beautiful! Several of us gathered for dinner and fellowship and then we made it an early night.
The next morning we went to Compassion's headquarters which is the subject of today's blog. Let me say that it is a beautiful building that is focused on the children. All of us attending the conference were looking forward to meeting Wess Stafford (President/CEO of Compassion). He was the keynote speaker on Friday night. However we had no sooner arrived at the headquarters for our tour when in walked Wes. Let me tell you that he is the most amazing and humble person I have ever met. He took the time to visit with us and to join us in pictures. He spent time with us like we were the most important people in the world. It was amazing and a blessing. The tour was incredible and very interesting. We saw all aspects of Compassion and its workings. I am now more convinced than ever that this is the ministry for me. More to follow.....<><