Monday, August 31, 2009

Feeling Blue.....

Today I got letters from two of my sponsored children in Honduras. I have been anxiously waiting on hearing from them since our return from our visit in May. I am still waiting on that first letter from Sophia as we did not sponsor her until we had gotten back. I mean everyday I am checking the mailbox for that envelope that says "A letter from your Sponsored Child"- if you are a sponsor you know how exciting that is. Well anyway we got two letters. One from Jorge which was written the week before we visited and one from Jeyelly written on her birthday about 2 weeks after our return. It was short and sweet and thanking us for her gifts. The one from Jorge also thanked us for his birthday gifts. It was pretty cool hearing how they were looking forward to meeting us. I am just a little blue this evening because both of those letters got me to thinking. Usually the turn around on letters from Honduras is just shy of two months. These were actually about 3 months. That got me to thinking about the situation down there. The week after we left there was the earthquake and the aftershocks. Then we had the whole political situation which is not resolved yet. So I sit here wondering how their lives have been impacted. Not just Linda, Jelley, Jorge and Sophia but their families, the workers at the Compassion Country office, and the translators. I am sure things are hectic and just a little messed up. So tonight I offer up a prayer for all of my friends and "second family" down there in Honduras. Know that I am praying and thinking of you. I pray that as I write this you all are doing OK- I pray that your lives are blessed and know that we love you. Blessings!!! <><

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Scariest Thing in the World.....

This is perhaps the scariest thing in the world. It is known to cause adults to veer away in terror. Just the simple act of placing it on a table can create a "no fly zone". People will willingly ( so I have been told) walk into a wall rather than face looking at this. Seriously I could hire a drop dead gorgeous model to hold this and she would be totally ignored. You all may be laughing thinking I jest but I humbly present to you ...."A CHILD PACKET!!!!" ____________________________ For those familiar with Compassion this is the primary vehicle used to get children sponsored. It contains information about Compassion, a booklet about letter writing and gifts, a coded form to begin sponsorship and of course that adorable picture and biography. Certainly nothing to be scared of - at least I don't think so. I find the kids interesting. Each of them stand at their local project getting a picture taken. Often they are wearing their best outfit. Sometimes in a very poor area they may share an outfit just to look presentable. You can tell the ones that may have never seen a camera. They stand there looking scared and unsure. Imagine all their hopes of a future are placed in this one packet. The hope that maybe a sponsor would find them "desirable" and want to sponsor them. __________________ I will agree that these can be scary. After all there is the fact that you could actually look into those eyes and want to make a commitment. Then that commitment could lead to letter writing and building a relationship. Then maybe one day you may even want to go visit that child and see the difference you have made. What then????? You could have your world turned upside down. It happened to was scary...but guess what? I am a better person for it. As far as the child. I have the original pictures of all of my children...the ones from that child packet. I also have updated photos and pictures from visiting them. Guess what? That look of uncertainty has been replace by a smile of hope. That my friends is the scariest thing- a simple investment can change a life (actually two of them)-It is amazing how God works. __________ I invite you to get over that fear- do not be afraid- rather reach out and make a difference. Copy and paste the link from below in your web browser to get started or click on the link on my blog...either way you can begin to get over that fear.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Watermelon Heads and Purple Doors

Painting by Compassion Artist Eric Timm (Purple Door 2009)-photo by Steve Bradney
Today I had the opportunity to work the Purple Door Festival at Ski Roundtop. This is a Christian Alternative Music and Arts Festival geared at teens and young adults. Not my usual cup of tea but we thought it would be worth a Saturday out at the Compassion booth. I am now home, pleasantly surprised and a fan. OK- not completely sold on the music but the day was incredible and when I left we had 19 sponsorships. This primarily from teens and young adults just starting out. This from an alternative audience that really you think from first impressions just "wouldn't get it". I had heard from several people that is is a "different crowd", very noisy and "out there". Ok- that is where I get the title of this post from. There were two girls walking around with cleaned out watermelons ( cut in half) on thier heads. They actually looked like skater helmets as they even had chin straps but they were watermelons. Also there were the kids carrying around a large purple door that they were getting people to sign as a reminder. I mean this is Ski Rountop...hills and all....and they were carrying a large door around all day. Not the norm!!!!!
Yet you know something...I guess it really was not the norm....we had this audience that willingly sponsored children without a lot of thought. That is one of the things I will say about teen events and teen audiences. They get it!!! They understand the need and try to do something without a lot of questions. Adults will frequently ask a lot of questions about Compassion and its minsitry- the teens are more concerned about how to swing the payment. Not a lot of thought about doing it but rather how can they do it. Got to love it. The sponsorships today were really not from presentations ( I did get to speak on one of the stages) but more from people just seeing the booth and stopping by. Their hearts were speaking to them. I did get to network with some fellow advocates and may have the opportunity to speak to two church youth groups from talking to their youth leaders. How cool is that.....
Today I was blessed...I will go back next year.