Thursday, July 30, 2009

Live at the Harford County Farm Fair (Prayer Request)

So here I am...The Harford County Farm Fair. I am in a vendor tent with a space for Compassion International. July 30th-Aug 2nd. Not really sure how this will pan out. I have often said I would go anywhere or try anything to promote the ministry of Compassion. I like doing booths and presenting the ministry this way. Sure it is money out of my pocket for the table space but it is fun to meet people and engage them. You just never know...I have done the Eastern Christian Convention and two years in a row and averaged about 2 sponsorships each year. Networking was good though. I have done church booths at festivals and again results vary. This is different...this is a secular event. No opportunity to present- just the opportunity to engage people. I am not really sure how this will pan out. I do have childpackets (20) for potential sponsors. I have CSP packets (10 ) for sponsorship. I am also soliciting donations for Bite Back and the Global Food Crisis funds. I hopefully have something for everyone. This was a kind of last minute idea. The cutoff for vendors was just about up when I had the idea. However it seemed to be God's plan as there was a space available and it is right in the middle of one of the tents. Instead of just having a table with a front display - I actually have 3 sides to use and catch people walking on either side. Not too bad for last minute. I also seem to have caught the eye of Satan. Interestingly enough my order for materials (though confirmed) somehow disappeared. God put it on my heart to check on it Monday and luckily we discovered it had not been placed so there was still time to get everything here from Colorado by Thursday. I know that Satan will tempt me with frustration, tiredness and lack of energy over four days. This is where I need you all to come in.

I would like to request prayer. Pray that through this God will be glorified. He has me here for a reason and I pray that I might be effective in presenting this ministry. Pray that hearts will be moved and changed. No matter the results pray that his hand will be involved in this....God Bless and Thank You! <><

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Letters from the Heart

I actually contributed this to a friends blog earlier today that I try to regularly contribute to. Usually I do not post the same information on sites but I really felt this one is worth sharing:

Part of child sponsorship is writing letters to your sponsored child.Sponsorship actually changes two lives- the child's and the sponsors. I know I can't wait to open every letter that one of my sponsored children sends me. Each day I hope to get a letter. I can imagine it is the same way for them. I tell many sponsors it is not the $38 that counts but rather the relationship that you are building. A sponsored child does not understand the monetary amount- that is what enables them to be in the program and provides for them. What makes a difference in their lives is that connection that is built through letter writing. Hearing from their sponsors shows that we care and love them unconditionally. When I saw Linda in May she brought every letter I had written to show me that she had saved them. Having been on two Sponsor Tours to Honduras I cannot tell you how many children have come up to me and said "Will you tell my sponsor to write to me?" I don't know their sponsor and this breaks my heart.

When I am talking to a potential sponsor I make sure that this fact is clearly made known. To release a child from poverty is not just about $$$$ but about giving hope through encouragement and sharing. Compassion does have a correspondence program in which people who understand the importance of letter writing will write to those children who do not have sponsors that write letters. I have included with permission an excellent slide show of some photographs of children with their letters. Look at how much they care.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child and making a difference let me really does impact two lives.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I hope you now understand....

Compassion Friday from brian crow on Vimeo.

In case there is any doubt of why Compassion is my Ministry, why I am a child advocate and why I am proud to be an Area Coordinator. There is no greater blessing then to know you can make a difference. $38/month is pocket change when compared to the impact it truly has. Blessings....... <><

Monday, July 6, 2009

Still Praying for Honduras

It has been about a week now of political unrest in Honduras. The last report I had from Compassion is that the Country office is closed and the 75 projects in the Capitol are closed. This is where all four of my children are. There is a curfew from sundown to sunrise. Things are getting more and more volatile each day. Yesterday someone was killed. Yesterday the exiled president attempted a return but the military blocked the runway at the airport so he could not land. I am not sure what is right and what is wrong. I know that when we were down there in May we were told that the political system was corrupt. I understand the exiled President was attempting a referendum to end term limits and both the legislature and congress were trying to block. Hence the action to exile him and place a temporary President. The interesting part is that the current (acting) President has no desire to run for President. He just wants to hold things together until November when elections are scheduled. This does not seem to be a coup to put someone in power but rather to remove someone who was trying to abuse the system. I question why our government is backing the exiled President and why other countries are not in favor of this solution. Of course on the "world stage" often none of us really understand all the political manuverings.
Which brings me to today. I am not sure why but my heart is extremely heavy for Honduras and the situation. Honduras is one of the poorest Central American countries and this is not helping the situation. Other countries are withdrawing support and Honduras is suffering. I can only imagine the impact this is having on Linda, Jeyelly, Jorge & Sophia. I personally cannot imagine this going on in my city and yet here is my "other family" and there is nothing I can do. I made friends in Honduras in May. Oscar, Dani, Gaby, Abraham...just to name a few...and I sit here wondering if they are OK and what is happening in their lives. Amazing that I can sit here on a laptop and chat with friends. I can go on Facebook and see what people are up to. Yet I am stuck right now just watching news reports and praying. How I wish I could grab my cellphone and call and just let them know they are in my prayers. I think frustration is the word of the day for me.
Yet I know God is in control. Everything is in His life verse is Ephesians 6:10.... Be strong in the Lord and His mighty power. I need to hold that close to my heart right now. I need to believe that now more than ever. My heart is in Honduras and I wish I was there right now just to comfort and hug my second family. Tonight I will look at the full moon and the stars and pray for a peaceful resolution. A resolution that will come quickly. I also will pray that they know I am with them in spirit and am thinking about them.
Will you join me in prayer????? Blessings! <><

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Advisory: Political Unrest in Honduras

Advisory: Political Unrest in Honduras Shared via AddThis Please Pray for peaceful resolution as well as the safety of all the children, their families, the workers and the projects.